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We encourage individuals with mental health issues to actively seek out the help of psychiatric providers. If you are having trouble visiting an actual office for a consultation, our team makes everything convenient and easy for you. We make use of the latest technology to conduct psychiatric consultations through telecommunication means. This way, you can get psychiatric care right in your familiar environment.


Telemedicine/Telepsychiatry Services include:

Psychiatric/Mental Health Services

Our team provides psychiatric/mental health services to those struggling with mental health issues. [Click Here]

Psychiatric Consultations

Those with mental health disorders receive guidance and support from our team. [Click Here]


Benefits of Telemedicine/Telepsychiatry

Telemedicine/Telepsychiatry offers a lot of benefits for both patients and clinicians. Find out what benefits you can take advantage of from engaging in our services. [ Read More ]

Commitment Our Mission Statement

It is our mission to provide convenient healthcare services to our clients within their familiar environment through the use of the latest telecommunications technology available today.

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Sound Mind Telepsychiatry Our Services Include:

Take advantage of all these services without the need to go out of your homes just to visit a psychiatric provider. We deliver these services straight to an environment familiar to you. [ View More Services ]